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Three Ways in Which Online Clips Can Add Value to Your Website

It is possible for you, as a website owner, to add lots of value to your website through the use of video or audio clips. We will show you some three specific ways in which you can do that: that is, three ways in which online clips can add value to your website.

Firstly, we have the situation where the online clips can make your website attractive to more people – thereby increasing the traffic to the website. This is important, because one of the parameters through which the success of websites is gauged is that of traffic: that is, the number of people who visit the website. And websites with online clips posted or embedded tend to be more attractive (and therefore to have more traffic) than websites made up of bare text.

Secondly, we have the situation where the online clips can make the people who visit your website to stay for longer – thereby increasing the probability of successful conversions, if you are selling something.

Thirdly, we have the situation where the online clips can aid you in explaining various concepts on your website, thereby making the website a much more valuable resource. This would in turn increase the odds of the people who visit the website revisiting it again in the future — after having found out that the website is indeed a useful resource. Now this is important, because one parameter that is used to gauge the usefulness of websites is that of the number of people who make repeat visits to the website.

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