Succulent Farming: How To Propagate Succulents

Hey there, farmer! Looking to turn one plant into many plants? If you have a succulent, the good news is that this is a very simply process!

With many types of plants, you have to wait for them to grow, mature, flower, then create seeds. With succulents, it’s a lot quicker (in some ways, but more on that later). With many types of succulents, all you have to do is snip a piece of them off, place it in soil, and before too long you’ll have yourself a new succulent growing.

The exact method of how to propagate succulents can vary, too. Some succulents propagate differently than others, but generally speaking you can snip off a leaf or even a whole stem and you’re off the races.


The reason I said succulents can be quicker in some ways, than growing plants from seeds, that’s not always the case because some flowers grow and seed relatively quickly, and some succulents almost take literally forever to grow.

Propagating Succulents at Home Is Easy!

It’s a fun and rewarding process to watch unfold. Here are some useful succulent clips and videos that I’ve curated to help you figure out succulents, and make sure you head to the bottom of this page to see my ultimate succulent tip, after listening to everyone else’s advice.

And here’s another quick video about how to propagate succulents easily:

But there’s the main thing I want you to take away from this. Propagating succulents can be done in so many different ways, and most of them will work just fine. Beyond that, it comes down to trying to maximize it or speed it up, or slightly increase the chances of survival. But remember, succulents have propagated themselves in nature ever since the dawn of time (or whenever the first succulent came to be, however that happened.)

Depending on your local climate, you may be able to grow succulents in a raised garden bed, but not if you get too much rain or if the temperatures aren’t warm and humid year round.


In nature, the leaves fall off, and grow into new plants. In nature, they don’t have someone to mist them with the perfect amount of water at the perfect time each day, with a perfect light right above… So, if you really want to do this the easiest way, just pluck off a leaf, place it in a bowl with a bit of dirt, and wait, and you’ll most likely end up seeing some roots and a little pup grow out.

Heck, I’ve had succulent leaves fall behind my desk, and I’ve found them weeks or even a month or two later, and they were propagating. So, don’t stress over it too much, it’s easier than you think. Experiment, have fun, and just enjoy it. Take pictures every few days so you can see that, yes, they actually are growing!

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