Amsterdam’s Bridge Houses Are Brilliant Sustainable Architecture

An architect named Marthijn Pool and his team are transforming the old bridge houses in Amsterdam into hotel suites.

These bridge houses were used for hundreds of years, in some cases, to help with controlling the canals in Amsterdam. There are three main canals, and well over a thousand bridges.

Sustainable Architecture

Re-purposing these bridge houses and using them as quaint accommodations is especially remarkable because it’s not terribly easy to build new structures in this area, and also because it’s hard to imagine something more sustainable than re-purposing an old and otherwise-unused building into something useful for tourism.

Sustainability in the Travel Industry

Travel concepts,Travel luggage on the platform.
Travel concepts,Travel luggage on the platform.

The travel industry isn’t notorious for being overly sustainable, so this is doubly impressive.

It’s not cheap to retrofit and renovate an older building, but it means most of the structure’s material won’t be going to waste, as would be the case with a demolition and a new construction.

It’s cool that you can plan your travels around hotel rooms and accommodations that are, in and of themselves, interesting destinations to visit.

There’s a lot of things to do in Amsterdam, of course, but you’ll be all the more excited for your visit when you’re staying in a room as interesting, historic, and brilliantly transformed as the Amsterdam Bridge Houses.

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Final Thoughts

When you’re making your way around the world, it’s good to have an awareness of where you are and the impact that your journey may have on those who live in the places you’re visiting.

Staying in sustainable hotels and sustainably maintained destinations can be very interesting, can teach you new things, and it’s just a neat experience while everyone else is off looking for over the top, wasteful hotels that cost a small fortune and insulate you from whatever area you’re traveling to.

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