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    How To Make a Travel Journal

    A travel journal can contain a lot of different things. Some people will create a travel journal to document their past travels, someone else might use it to keep track of useful tips and advice and directions and plans, someone else might use it as a bucket list of things they’d like to do or […] More

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    Have You Seen Any Of The 10 Most Beautiful Places?

    No matter where you live in the world, there are probably a few incredibly looking places to visit and see, or at least a view that’s unique to where you’re from. If you’re in the prairies, the never ending fields may feel boring when you’ve been driving for hours at a time, but it can […] More

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    What Was Medieval Banking and How Did it Work?

    Here’s a relatively quick and interesting video about medieval banking systems and how they worked. Whether or not this is something you’ve ever sat and wondered about is up in the air, but it’s interesting to learn about none the less. It’s interesting to see the similarities that influence the way we interact with banks […] More

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    What Is High Fidelity? Learn About Audio In This Video

    Here’s a video from a very informative YouTube channel that covers all different types of technology. I originally found them when I was curious how air conditioners worked, and the host of this channel definitely goes in-depth and is a great source of information. In today’s video, he is talking about high fidelity audio, which […] More

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    Watch This Man Mow His Lawn With a Scythe

    Back in the day, and still to this day, many great people kept interesting diaries and journals to document their time on this earth. With modern technology, we’re able to see things that we would have only otherwise been able to read about. Thanks to Richard Brown and his YouTube channel, where he keeps a […] More

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    Is It Really Illegal To Photograph The Eiffel Tower At Night?

    Here’s a really interesting YouTube video that talks about how certain aspects of copyright law work in Europe, and how it’s against the law to take photos or videos of certain buildings, even thought they’re in the public, for commercial use. Here’s an interesting video that does a fantastic job of explaining things. The Eiffel […] More

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    What The $%#$ Is a Bitcoin, Anyways?

    When you’re trying to learn about cryptocurrency and how it works, one of the struggles you’ll encounter is that so many of the sources of information seem so incredible biased in one direction or the other, when you’re just trying to figure out the facts. It seems like a lot of the big voices in […] More

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    Hey King, You Dropped This

    Here’s a video to share with all of the kings in your life to let them know they’re special: Maybe guys should complement one another more often, that would probably lead to a better world, at least in some small way. Getting complements makes people feel good, and everyone deserves to feel like a king. […] More

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    How To Design and Build a Raised Bed Garden In Your Yard

    Gardening at home can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Whether you like to grow flowers, or you’re looking to feed yourself and your family by growing and preserving food, there’s a lot to learn. The best way to learn many aspects of gardening come from trial and error. You’ll learn to solve a problem once […] More

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    This Collection of Contraptions Is Hard To Stop Watching

    Who doesn’t love a good mesmerizing video of all sorts of scientific and mechanical contraptions? Not sure what to expect? Just check out the video and see for yourself, but make sure you have enough time to watch the entire video because it’s hard to look away. Some of these are homemade by very creative […] More

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    How To Boil Water Like a Professional Chef

    Would you believe that there’s a video to teach you how to boil water? Of course there is! Maybe boiling water is one of those simple things that we all take for granted, but aren’t doing in the most optimal way? Do you even care if you’re boiling water in the most optimal way? How […] More

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    Flight Attendant Reveals Travel Tips

    Kat is a YouTube creator who also has experience working as a flight attendant, so she’s undoubtedly got a treasure trove of stories and tips to share. In this video, she’s sharing a number of very useful tips for travelers to keep in mind. Some of these ten travel tips might be thinks that you […] More

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