Hey King, You Dropped This

Here’s a video to share with all of the kings in your life to let them know they’re special:

Maybe guys should complement one another more often, that would probably lead to a better world, at least in some small way. Getting complements makes people feel good, and everyone deserves to feel like a king. Sometimes, women can feel intimidated to give a simple complement to a guy, because they don’t know if the guys are going to read into or think it means they’re interested in more, and part of this could be related to how seldomly guys get complements, making each complement feel like a much more significant gesture than it may be. So, let’s get the ball rolling, let’s start complementing our kings, so that everyone else can feel more comfortable giving complements, too.

A world with more complements leads to an increase in self-esteem, and people with self-esteem are less likely to do the types of things that insecure people do, and that leads to a better world, overall, for everybody.

Complements that validate something you’re already proud of about yourself, or complements that help you feel less insecure about something you’ve worried about, can be a huge boost. Whether it comes from someone you know, or a total stranger. So, take some time out of your day to give that nice little boost to someone you care about, or to a total stranger. You never know, it could end up being a complement that they remember for years to come.

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