How To Boil Water Like a Professional Chef

Would you believe that there’s a video to teach you how to boil water? Of course there is! Maybe boiling water is one of those simple things that we all take for granted, but aren’t doing in the most optimal way? Do you even care if you’re boiling water in the most optimal way?

How To Boil Water (For Whoever Needs This…)

There’s a surprising amount of videos that talk about how to boil water, some of them are certainly tongue in cheek but other ones take a very earnest attempt to tell you exactly how to bring a pot of water to a boil. I guess we take certain knowledge for granted, because if somebody has never boiled water before, it doesn’t hurt to look it up, right? No shade if you’re here, hopefully this helps!

Why You Should Start With Cold Water

Some people like to run the taps hot for a minute or two to get hot water when they’re about to boil water, but this isn’t ideal. If there’s any build-up inside your pipes, the hot water can bring some little amount of it and that’s enough to alter the taste of your coffee and tea. Start with cold water, it’s cleaner!

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