How To Win a Plywood Derby Race Every Single Time

I’ll never forget the one and only pinewood derby I ever entered.

It was at a camp for cub-scouts, and they sprung it on us without notice.

Would I have taken the chance to prepare and study how to make the best pinewood racecar if I knew there was a race coming up?

Probably not, but if you’re looking for information how to win a pinewood derby car race, here’s some advice from YouTuber Mark Rober who is a former NASA engineer who invents all sorts of cool things on the internet now.

We’ve discussed another creation of Mark’s, a bowling ball that always hits a strike, along with some of his Xmas pranks that have gotten a lot of attention. Today, we’re looking at Mark Rober’s guide to pinewood racing cars.

Be careful, this video about slot cars / pinewood racing cars might have you breaking out the ‘ol hacksaw to see if you can put together something this fast.

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