How To Write Your First Rap in 10 Minutes

You’ve probably come up with some rhymes in your mind before, but it takes more to turn those random clever rhymes into an actual song.

If you want to learn to write rap, here’s how to write rap in about 10 minutes. This is just to get you started, it’ll take longer to work on your song, to improve it, to change it around, but this cool video will help get you started.

Even if you’ve written some verses before, “How to write a rap” by the YouTube channel How To Rap is a useful resource. You’ll learn the basics of writing raps, you’ll start to understand the structure that makes for a great song, staying on beat, singles, multies, wordplay…

Whether or not you follow this format is up to you, but it’s still important to understand what’s going on with rap music and lyrics under the hood, stuff that isn’t always obvious to the average listener. Not every rap is a technical masterpiece, and there are plenty of bops that don’t follow the same structure or whatever, but having that fundamental background is helpful, especially when you’re starting out.

It’s a good idea to learn the basics and to learn how to analyze other raps before you start writing your own – even if you choose to disregard this information down the road.

Like if you want to be a painter, it doesn’t hurt to study technique, even if you want to be an abstract artist.

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