Here’s What a MILLION Xmas Lights Look Like on a House ft. MrBeast

Have you ever wondered what a million Christmas lights would look like if they were attached to a house? Okay, maybe you haven’t, but still – you’re at least a little bit curious if you’re here, right? YouTuber MrBeast has had an insane year in terms of growth and recognition. He’s ascended to becoming one of the top creators on the platform, and has even credited as “cracking the code” to YouTube growth in large part to his huge giveaways. MrBeast has given away millions of dollars, which is often covered by the sponsors of his videos. His videos themselves get tens of millions of views in some cases, which leads to a ton of additional revenue. To put it succinctly, MrBeast is killin’ the game and giving back while he does it.

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

He’s in a cool situation where he can give away tens of thousands of dollars in a video and still end up making a small fortune for himself. Wouldn’t it be cool to be in a position like that? Where you can walk up to a random person on the street, give them 10k, and make way more than that simply for sharing the video of your good deed.

Anyways, with that background information out of the way, here’s what MrBeast was up to for the holiday season. He dedicated to buy over a million Christmas lights and to attach them all to a big house. Check out this video to learn more about the whole process, how they managed to buy and install so many lights, how they were able to power so many lights, and what it looked like when they turned on all of the lights.

MrBeast Christmas Lights

Don’t feel bad if you have one or two lowly strands of Christmas lights, I’m sure your Xmas lights are beautiful, too, plus your electricity bill is definitely going to be a lot more reasonable than MrBeast’s! 

If you ever become a YouTube millionaire, then we can step up the expectations for your own decorations but until then, enjoy the lightshow that MrBeast has prepared for us to enjoy.

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