This Bowling Ball Always Hits a Strike

Before we dig into this automatic bowling ball invention, let’s talk a little bit about the guy who made it, and some of the other interesting stuff he’s worked on. If you don’t care about that, just check out the video!

Mark Rober has a massive YouTube channel where he invents all sorts of awesome things. He’s perhaps most well-known for his Xmas videos where he catches porch pirates that try to steal Christmas gifts from people’s porches. It’s a fairly common problem, where people will grab packages from people’s steps. Mark set up a trap that includes cameras, fart spray, and tons of glitter that gets spread all over the room as soon as someone opens the stolen package.

It’s a great bit, and he does it every year. He likes to remind people that most of the time, people attempt to return the package or even put it out of view for the would-be recipient, but a small % of people decide to take something that isn’t theirs instead, and they have to pay the price of glitter all over their home, and an awful smell filling their room. But today, we’re not talking about Mark Rober’s porch pirate videos, we’re talking about this video where he invented a bowling ball that you can control even after you’ve rolled it by leaning in either direction.

Automatic Bowling Ball by Mark Rober

It’s a normal motion for someone to make as they watch their bowling ball cruise down the lane (leaning from left to right), but until now, this motion has had zero impact on the movement of the ball. 

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