Watch This Man Mow His Lawn With a Scythe

Back in the day, and still to this day, many great people kept interesting diaries and journals to document their time on this earth. With modern technology, we’re able to see things that we would have only otherwise been able to read about.

Thanks to Richard Brown and his YouTube channel, where he keeps a visual/video journal, we’re able to see exactly what it looks like when he cuts grass with a scythe.

How To Use a Scythe to Cut Grass

A scythe is a tool that isn’t nearly as widely used today, except perhaps as part of a grim reaper costume. None the less, there are still people who do use this as their method of cutting grass, for example communities of people who prefer to live in a more old fashioned way and won’t have a modern lawnmower, regardless of whether it’s powered by gas or electricity.

In this video, Richard timed how long it took to mow a patch of grass with a push mower, with a gas mower, and with a scythe.

The push power and the scythe took about the same amount of time, and the gas mower was about twice as fast. Watch the video to hear the rest of his thoughts, and consider taking note of some part of your own daily life, however mundane it might seem, you never know who may find it fascinating some day.

Can You Still Use a Scythe?

You can still use a scythe to cut your grass in modern times. It’s not the most practical way to mow a lawn, per se, but there’s something pretty cool about it and it’s a good workout.

If you’re conscious about the environment, it takes a lot less material to create a scythe than it takes to build a lawnmower, not to mention the scythe is powered 100% by you, rather than gasoline or electricity.

Using a scythe isn’t for everyone, but if you’re curious to give it a try, you can still buy scythes at certain stores or from companies that make them on a smaller scale.

Where To Buy a Scythe

A gardener working sharpening a curved metal scythe blade with a file.
A gardener working sharpening a curved metal scythe blade with a file.

If you can’t find a scythe locally, you can take a trip (and maybe even make a travel journal while you’re at it!)

If you want to try a scythe in your own yard, or you’ve had one in the past and you’re ready for a new one, you can find scythes at certain stores like Lee Valley, along with a lot of bespoke scythe companies.

Your best bet is to do a quick search on your search engine of choice and see if there are any local options, or if there’s something you’d like to order a scythe from online.

Local is a good idea if you’ve never used one before, just to make sure it “fits” and feels good for you.

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How Much Does a Scythe Cost?

The cost of a scythe will vary, for example if you get one from Lee Valley it’s usually a pretty reasonable price, whereas a handmade scythe can cost hundreds of dollars (and will be worth every penny if you love scythes!)

A quality blade can cost a couple hundred dollars or more, and the body of the scythe can also cost a couple hundred dollars – but this will get you a very high quality scythe that’s more like a work of art than a yard tool. You’ll love getting out into the yard and cutting your grass with it.

If you haven’t used a scythe before and you’re just curious, you might want to start with a more affordable one, something that’s been mass-produced and can cost under $200 for the whole shebang.

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