What Do Tigers Eat?

Have you ever wondered what foods that tigers eat to stay alive?

It’s interesting to think about how everyone is well-aware what certain animals eat, but most people don’t know what other popular animals eat.

For example, most people know what squirrels eat nuts and cheese, that bears eat salmon, or that giraffes eat leaves – but what do tigers eat?

Why Don’t People Talk About A Tiger’s Diet Very Often?

Maybe the reason you don’t hear as much about what tigers eat is because it’s not quite as wholesome as a horse eating an apple.

What Tigers Eat Isn’t a Secret

Tigers eat all sorts of different animals, from small bugs to elephants. It’s no wonder you won’t find a children’s book or cartoon showing a tiger eating a baby elephant. Also, tigers eat a lot of different things, here’s just a brief list of some of the things that tigers eat. They prefer prey that weights at least 40-50lbs. If they’re going to put the effort into the hunt, I guess they want to make sure they’re getting plenty of food for their efforts.

Tigers eat:

  • Deer,
  • Pigs,
  • Horses,
  • Cows,
  • Buffalo,
  • Goats,
  • Rhinos,
  • Leopards,
  • Wild dogs…

If the full-size adult version of any of the aforementioned species of animals are too large or strong for a tiger to hunt, the tiger will simply target the calves/offspring of an appropriate size.

What Do Tigers Eat? They Eat DANGEROUS Animals!

Tigers also eat dangerous animals like crocodiles, it’s pretty stunning, really. Hopefully, if you ever find yourself needing to worry about what tigers eat, it’s because you’re working at a zoo and not because you need to find a way to discourage a tiger from eating you.

How Tigers Catch Food

Tigers use their keen sense of sight to track down prey, unlike many predators who rely on their sense of smell. Maybe this is why tigers are willing to eat just about anything, they simply see something moving and they eat it, rather than being attracted by their sense of smell. Tigers are fast, strong, and make excellent hunters who can feast on just about any animal they want.

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