What Is High Fidelity? Learn About Audio In This Video

Here’s a video from a very informative YouTube channel that covers all different types of technology. I originally found them when I was curious how air conditioners worked, and the host of this channel definitely goes in-depth and is a great source of information. In today’s video, he is talking about high fidelity audio, which is a fascinating topic.

I like to have somewhat decent speakers around my home, but beyond that, I never really know what made them better besides being a bit more pleasant-sounding.

If you’re interested in learning how things work, you’ll love the Technology Connections channel, and also congrats are in order since the channel has just very recently passed the 1 million subscriber milestone.

This video is under 14 minutes long but it still manages to do a great job at explaining the basics of how speakers work, and what differentiates expensive and high-quality speakers from cheaper ones. If you’re using the speakers that are built into your TV, or cheap desktop computer speakers, it might be worth considering an upgrade – it can make a huge difference, even if you aren’t upgrading to super fancy hi-fi speakers.

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