What Was Medieval Banking and How Did it Work?

Here’s a relatively quick and interesting video about medieval banking systems and how they worked. Whether or not this is something you’ve ever sat and wondered about is up in the air, but it’s interesting to learn about none the less.

It’s interesting to see the similarities that influence the way we interact with banks today, along with the things that are much different in today’s society compared to the Medieval ages. This channel has a lot of interesting videos about history through the ages, and having them portrayed with bite-size animations certainly helps to cruise through them.

Of course, you won’t gain a masterful understanding of any topic in a matter of minutes, but you can watch a dozen of these videos in about as much time as it takes to watch an episode of a TV show, and you can take notes of which topics interest you and then you can dig into those topics. You can watch longer and more in-depth videos about those other interesting topics, and you can even buy or borrow some books if you really become fascinated in them. Follow your interests, and channels like History Matters that can introduce you to a lot of different areas of study are so valuable.

Beyond Medieval Banking

If you’re interested in the topic of medieval banking, what is it that draws you into it? Is it the timeline, the Medieval ages? There’s so much more to study about them, thankfully! Or is it the banking and finance angle of things? If that’s the case, there’s so much you can study that ranges from modern economics and even things like asking how does Bitcoin work?

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